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Taking Fitness To A New level

The Ironrodds Team will address your individuality. The aim for all clients is an enhanced physical freedom and ability, which is achieved consistently by incorporating the latest in scientific and effective approaches to health and fitness, including functional performance training and nutritional biochemical individuality. After a thorough assessment to accurately identify your goals we will tailor make a program that takes your goals to a new level.Our personal trainers will provide you not only with physical fitness instruction, but also with a lifestyle and fitness assessment. We work closely with our clients to develop a personalized health and fitness plan. Provide information and advice regarding nutrition; as well as providing practical feedback, support and monitoring of our client’s progress.

Taking Fitness To A New level

Body Evaluation

Before your initial session, Perfect Fit Personal Training will provide you with a fitness evaluation and consultation. We will design a customized fitness program based on your goals and your analysis.

Our Testing Includes