Francois Cronje

  • Francois Cronje

    Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    I am a qualified instructor of “Dragon Muay Thai” and have been active in Muay Thai training since 1999, with my amateur fighting record standing at 7-1. I enjoy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which I have been doing since 2003 and am a grounded fighter with extensive knowledge base.
  • SASS-CQC-Systematic Acquired Specialized Skills-Close Quarters Combat
    I started my training at the Specialized Tactical Training Institute in 2000 achieving my SASS-CQC instructor’s qualification in 2004 for Close Quarters Combat Instructor & Firearms Instructor. The SASS-CQC- system is specifically created for people within the security, law enforcement, military, special forces & intelligence community. SASS-CQC curriculum consists of Impact & Edge Weapons, Improvised Weapons, Advance Knife Combat Techniques, Hand Gun, Shot Gun & Assault Rifle.
  • Krav Mega
    Krav Mega as a self defense technique used by the Israeli Military and Special Forces based on body mechanics

    as apposed to strength on strength.I started Krav Mega with Golani Specialist Security in 2005, qualifying as

    an instructor in 2006. The curriculum consists of Impact & Edge Weapons, Improvised Weapons, Defenses again

    multiple attackers, Weapons disarming techniques, Weapons retention techniques & anti hi-jacking techniques.