IRONRODDS GYM equipment is spread over a 350 square meter floor space divided into 4 sections and all different levels. The first level has all the cable machines and cardio equipment which is on the same level as the Cafe and kitchen. At the entrance to the training area we have 2 Life fitness treadmills, 2 Life fitness bikes and 1 Rowing machine. At Ironrodds Personal Training Facility we do not ‘focus’ on our clients doing cardio in the hours training as clients are not paying us to watch them run on a treadmill or ride a bike. This cardio equipment is there purely for warm-ups, cool downs, interval and cross training.


The strength equipment ranges from the conventional Cable system with weight stacks and plate-loaded machines to free weights, dumbbells and barbells. Of which the cables contribute; the ‘rear dealt’ reverse fly machine, the base horizontal and 45 degree pully, the lat pull down, 2 fully adjustable (in height) cable machines with all the necessary accessories for arms, shoulders and hip or leg work. The stage 3 Genesis shoulder press, stage 3 Genesis pec-dec machine and a Life Fitness copy Dual - adjustable cable cross machine which has a very dynamic pully system. This cable machine can allow for “sprint starts” for up to 7meters, walking lunges and even an assisted chin up. We also have one horizontal leg press, one leg extension, one leg flexion (leg curl) and one standing calf raise.


In the free weight section there is a counter-weight Smith machine, 2 adjustable bench press aparatus with Olympic bar, a Seated Preacher curl with EZ-Bar and a power rack with Olympic bar for squats and other movements alike. In amongst the lot we have plate loaded hammer strength equipment for back and chest, a rack of fixed weight Barbells ranging from 7 - 35kg’s, and dumbbells ranging from 2 - 65kg of which the 2-12kg are chromed and on separate rack. We also have a 50 degree leg press machine which has a max weight of 600 kg’s as well as a seated calf raise machine which is also plate loaded up to 200kg.


The 3rd section is dedicated to a Pilates bed where we also have Swiss, Bose and Balance balls, TRX bands, floor mats, ‘rubber band resistance training’ with base plate and various solid metal tubing bolted to the wall for sprint resistance and other Rubber band work. We have a chin up bar in this section and this section is also used to stretch clients on mats where there is less interruption. Next door to this studio on thesame level is a Sunbed.


The 4th section is allocated for MMA, Krav Mega and Boxing. Here we have some “OLD SCHOOL TRAINING “! There is a climbing “tug of war” rope for arm and core strength attached to a bracket 5 meters high as well as another 10 meter long rope to pull tyres. Tyres can be flipped or used for hammering with a sledge hammer or just used for sled training. There are 7 punch bags, 2 of which are Muay Thai long bags, 1 heavy long bag, an angle shot bag, a head shot bag, a ground bag and grappling dummy, a light bag for kids and a double ended bag for speed work. As far as pads go we have Muay Thai pads, focus pads, kick shields, body shields, head gear, gloves, wraps, medicine balls and skipping ropes.
In the same section we have a platform for weight lifting and power lifting with rubberised weights and squat rack with an Olympic Bar.